What we stand for

Simple and reliable

Our bikes are hand-built in Germany using European-sourced materials and components wherever possible to reduce lead-times and support local businesses.

Each component, material, and manufacturing process is carefully selected for simplicity, durability, elegance, sustainability and field serviceability.

Self-powered adventure

The joy of human powered motion; slowing-down, knowing that the faster and easier path is not always better.

The destination is wherever you are.

Our bikes are built for adventures off the beaten path (and back again) with an emphasis on all-day comfort and playful but balanced handling.

Functional beauty

With an obsessive attention to detail informed by countless hours and thousands of kilometres pedalling, pushing and carrying, our bikes have an intentional and timeless design.

While beauty is in the eye of the beholder, we think our bikes will look best with a splatter of mud and having accumulated the scars of an adventurous and storied life.

A new bike for new adventures!

stray mk1

stray mk1 adventure bike

Choose your new timeless, go anywhere bike for adventures big or small!

timeless bikes, built for adventure

arriving summer 2024

Coming soon…

Mindfulness, buy-local, slow-down, sustainability, simplicity…. Back to the essence and joy of physical exertion and adventure….